Thursday, January 29, 2009

Lots of great ideas for making the most of your space

Awhile back I posted some photos for making the most of small kitchens, and now I'm continuing that with some more general inspiration to use throughout the house. Lots of good ideas here- both big projects and little projects!

Not that many of us have extra closet space, but if you're lucky enough to have some, take off the doors and turn it into a small home office.

A cabinet nightstand will give you more storage opportunities than a table.

Use the inside of doors to store materials, I put spice racks on the inside of my cupboard doors and they're super handy.

Radiators can be huge space-wasters, install a shelf for instant surface space. I have one in my bedroom, and I couldn't be without it!

These benches have been stacked to make shelves, and they can also serve for extra seating or a coffee table in a pinch.

Drawers under the bed are a great storage solution - put them on casters for even easier storage
via Martha Stewart

If you own the space and have the budget, utilize high ceilings by creating this very cool scaffold style bookshelf
via Jac de Villiers

via James Merrell Photography

Even narrow spaces can accommodate furniture like this half-table

Get two-timing furniture that doubles as storage
via AT Casa

Even odd nooks are put to good use.

If you have major carpentry skills - or access to them, this Manhattan apartment dweller created a swiveling tv stand, which can totally flip around depending on if he/she is in the bedroom or the next room.
via Point Click Home

If you have weird angled walls (like many old apartments), find small furniture and make use of the space

Make your rooms multi-task. Keep your bookshelves for storage, and install a sliding curtain when in need of a less cluttered feel.

Use bookcases and keep your wall space by hanging art from the shelves.
via Domino

These console tables are great because they have shelves or rungs that act as storage.
via Joe Schmelzer

You can keep your crafts in the living room - just choose a storage solution that can camouflage supplies, and ties in with your decor
via Easy Living

Images via Briger and Briger

Image via Sunset Magazine


LaurenFaythe said...

I'm always looking for storage solutions. I love the idea of the curtains hiding the bookshelves. Thanks!

Christina said...

What great inspiration for tiny ny apartments!

jess@thehomebound said...

These are all such great ideas. I really love all the floor to ceiling bookshelves. That last image is quite lovely too.

Serialstyler said...

I love the material over the cabinets. Easy to DIY & change when you want.

Danielle said...

What kinds of materials can you use to make a shelf on your radiator? I'd be too worried about it being a fire hazard...

Jennifer Ramos said...

a wall of books is a dream of mine...but its great for VERY high ceiling. I have one area in my place that has very high ceilings...hmmmm

Jen Ramos

'Cards & Prints You'll Love...'

Down Comforter said...

Some great ideas :) Really like the cabinet nightstand.

karlene said...

lovely, just very lovely!

Linda at Lime in the Coconut! said...

LOVE this post!

Nickname unavailable said...

Excellent ideas! For years I've been designing and selling smaller furniture in my store in Maine, yet somehow mine is still the only retail location in the country focused solely on well made smaller furniture. This concise presentation of ideas is by far one of the best posts I have seen on the subject. Keep the eyes and minds focused on these great ideas and people will(hopefully) feel better about living large in a small space, use less energy, and buy thoughtfully designed American-made goods with longer lifespans, avoid toxic MDF goods, and favor Earth Paints for finishing - they're edible!
And Danielle, re: flammability of materials used over a radiator, steam radiators get hot, but the primary concern for you would be warping, condensation, and/or rust. If you have steam heat, it's never hotter than boiling water. Steam radiators have valves that release steam, though, and older units may rust through at pinhole-sized spots, so MDF, plywood, or painted materials are not ideal. Using clear stained wood in a rustic look, or with a porous finish like milk paints or Earth Paints would allow the wood to expand and contract with the changing humidity in the room, and won't catch fire. Just be sure not to restrict the flow of air, or you'll think you are not heating properly.

Ms Unreliable said...

Great post! How I wish I had cupboard space to spare, that study nook looks so cute and cosy! said...

there are some amazingly good ideas posted here.

i could potentially do an office by taking doors off one of my closets but i have an irrational fear of open shelving!


milk tooth's rain said...

very interesting dispaly!


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