Tuesday, January 27, 2009

Gorgeous colors I wish I was brave enough to use!

Sorry this is just getting to you! My computer wasn't feeling too well, and had a little accident...*blush* But we're feeling better now. So, some of you know I'm a big fan of the all white interiors. These rooms drive a hard bargain though! They definitely add energy and freshness to the space. Have any of you been braver than me and gone with a bold or bright color in a room?

*gulp* Love this wallpaper with the gold in the next room!
via Better Homes and Gardens

ooh...like this

I think gray with yellow or light green is really classy
via Ideal Home

I should just go for it and use pink already since there's no man inhabiting with me to protest ... ;)
via Point Click Home


A&D said...

Every girl needs a pink room, so have one while you can! My husband agrees to subtle touches of pink, but anything like I would like to do it is out of the question! :(

CHIC Sensibility... said...

I love the purple room.

Amy said...

The damask wallpaper is my favorite...Love it...But I love bright colors....I have used several in my home...Amy

mimi said...

In my last home, an old barn, I had marigold and terracotta walls with sage green linen velvet upholstery. The space was large and could handle the color, but still, sometimes I doubted myself. But then, I sold my beloved barn to a lovely French women who adored the colors, and she has taken it and ran with it. It is spectacular!!

Kelly@Color Sizzle said...

Great pictures! Living with vivid colors can actually be very soothing. Particularly if you use your favorite ones. I've never had a client regret using bold colors.

red.door.read said...

Go for it! Paint is something that I advocate being a little bit brave with because it's not that hard to change up.

I have a dark grey kitchen and I love it. I thought I'd be a little iffy about it but now I've done it, it's rad.

I'm going to break the 'bathrooms must be white' rule and paint my bathroom deep blue as well.

Colour is fun.

LexyB said...

I love that hot pink room ... but I'm like you - totally colour shy! I stick to neutrals and use colours for accents.

Down Comforter said...

I totally love the purple room :) I recently painted one wall in my living room a mid-tone hue & felt quite brave about that.


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