Tuesday, January 13, 2009

Can anyone source this bench?

Last week in my chalkboard post there was a photo with this bench. You can see the 2009 House of the Year tour with this photo here at Country Living. One of our community members wrote to ask for the source of the red bench. I poked around a bit on Country Living's website and didn't find anything. I've written to the editors to see if they might know, but in the meantime I thought one of you might have an idea!

Here's some similar benches I found:

from Plow & Hearth

from Amish Furniture

From Bar Stools & Bar Stools


Ashley said...

It's been found! Alicia Stanley & Co.
Thanks Amy!

karlene said...

good job people!!! I had a bench built sooooo similar to that. I had seen a picture in Veranda and so I had my carpenter build one. I am certain you could do the same.


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