Tuesday, December 9, 2008

Picture Potpourri

Every now and then I accumulate a bunch of images that, for some reason or another, didn't make it onto a post. That doesn't mean they're lacking in anyway, they just didn't fit into a theme. So I thought I'd just make a little potpourri post to share them with you. Some of them I was bad and didn't remember to source them, so please forgive me, and let me know if you know the source!

via {this is glamorous}

via Ikea

via Domino

Images via Martha Stewart

via Decor8

I believe these two images are of a remodeled barn- what a cool fireplace!


citysage said...

He he! I have the same problem. And I always end up with the most random collection of folders on my desktop too. With names like 'serene grey interiors' and 'our dream house'. Creative? Yes. Useful for organization? Absolutely not! This reminds me of the age old problem of socks that lose their mate in the laundry...so many lost souls :)

Visual Vamp said...

How fragrant is this pretty potpourri!
xo xo

Lori said...

How happy was I to stumble across your blog and flickr site!?! What a fantastic collection you have here. I am redecorating my basement studio area and simply searched "white" in flickr. Good tagging pays off!
Lori :)
Parksville, BC

Ivy Lane said...

Very nice images!

{this is glamorous} said...

The first three are from me, and the rest are really lovely!


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