Wednesday, December 3, 2008

My new favorites...

from CB2. Sometimes CB2 is a little too modern and "sterile" for me, but I really like the clean design of their products. I think that if used in the right doses they could really blend in beautifully to a wide range of decor styles. How about you?

Go to CB2 to see more.
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citysage said...

I just bought their 'trig' desk for a client and it looks absolutely smashing. i think i might persuade him to get the console too. and last year I bought the lubi daybed for the guestroom and i just adore it. you can't beat the style for the price!

i agree that they can be totally sterile, but you're right that with the right accessories mixed in, you can warm things up a bit. some great basics to be had though!


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