Wednesday, December 10, 2008

Entryways - they're more important than you think!

When you walk into your house tonight, are you going to be welcomed by a calming, organized entryway? Or will you be welcomed by muddy boots strewn around, stacks of mail, and random homeless items? While I hope it's the first, if it's not, you need these ideas! Your entryway is the first thing people (and you) see upon entering, and sets the tone for your home, so it has to be up to par! For a really detailed way to set up your entryway, I highly recommend Apartment Therapy The Eight Step Cure, by Maxwell Gillingham-Ryan. In his book Gillingham-Ryan devotes an entire chapter to the entryway, or what he calls, "the landing strip."

via Country Living

Boot tray is a great idea - especially on a day like today

Directions for this project here on

Directions for this project here on

via Martha Stewart

Not an entryway- but these ideas can be adapted for the entryway.

via BH&G


Jamie said...

This is super helpful. Love Apartment Therapy. The entryway most definitely is a tough place to decorate. I have a huge foyer that is so barren right now! Don't know what to do with it. said...

Thank you! I need one of those for my studio ASAP.

My Notting Hill said...

Great storage feature! Love the criss-cross element on the brown wall.


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