Tuesday, December 2, 2008

2 interior stylists, 2 different styles - which one speaks to you?

I love the work of both of these stylists! Vicky Sheard's work is earthy, elegant, and strong, while Selina Lake's is airy, light-hearted, and pretty. All that aside, are you able to pick one style over the other? If so, what is it about that stylist that really made it for you?

Vicky's work:

Images via Vicky Sheard

Selina's work:

Images via Selina Lake


Anonymous said...

that's a tough one...I gotta say Selina though...

Anonymous said...

Selina's all the way. =]

Rebecca@Harmony and Home said...

How about Vicky's for winter and Selina's for summer :)

Anonymous said...

both are nice, though Selina's rooms are more along the lines of my taste.
I think a good stylist can create many different styles, so you shouldnt necessarily go with what they've done before (though if you're a rococo-fan you shouldn't go for someone who seems to specialise in japanese minimalism) but rather see if there is a 'click' between you. The stylist has to understand you and what you want (and the japanese minimalist would probably not click with your rococo self :-)
So go talk with several different people, and see who you think could get your room right. That's how we found the architect for our home.

Velvet and Linen said...

Please don't make me choose.
They are both amazing stylists.
Such beautiful images.

Thank you.



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