Tuesday, November 18, 2008

Stylish eco homegoods

I love the holidays; there's nothing like my mother's baking and seeing all of my sisters, family, and dog. One thing that does irk me about the holidays, however, is the amount of packaging and wrapping that is left over. So, this year I will be wrapping with pages from magazines, and also trying to give eco-friendly gifts.

Terra Furnishings has tons of really gorgeous and unique wood end tables and stools. This drum shaped one was one of my favorites.

A restaurant on the block where I used to live has these intricately carved panels lining the walls. I always thought they had them custom made!

Images via Terra Furnishings

Love the dramatic chandelier

I'm a sucker for baskets, they hide all manners of things you've yet to organize ;)

Images via VivaTerra


Ms Unreliable said...

Love the baskets! The more places to hide stuff, the better :D

citysage said...

I'm so happy that more companies are offering eco-friendly products. And these are some real beauties! Thanks for the round-up ;)

WH said...

I love the baskets too. More storage space is always better than less. Before you know it, every little space is filled up with all of our junk! :)

Rebecca@Harmony and Home said...

TAG! You're it! Details on my blog!


Love the restaurant tiles. Those could be used in so many applications!


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