Saturday, November 15, 2008

The shoes that inspired a room

So I'm not usually a girl who drools over designer labels, but I loved these shoes before I even knew who's name was on the label! I loved the juxtaposition of the black suede, and the patent leather maryjane strap and wrapped heel. So of course I wanted to pull a whole room together based on them!

The shoe (sadly banished to my closet until my heel injury heals)

A glossy lacquered nightstand paired with a velvet arm chair reminded me of the suede and the patent leather. Same with the tulle dress paired with the black satin bow. I also love, love, love, the indulgent glamor of the bureau top with all of the pearls and the lacy nightgown hanging out of the drawer.

Shiny pearls and matte rose petals; an intricate iron bed with luxurious but not too "matchy-matchy" bedding- creates a look that's elegant, but also warm. And chocolate, of course.

Pearl Necklace, Jamie Nelson, Black Nightstand, Brocade Home,
Purple chair and Ottoman, Graham and Green, Roses in a Teacup, Polly Wreford, Rings (board 2), Chocolate dessert (board 1) Thomas Dellhemmes, Bed (board 1), Dresser Still Life (board 2), Daniel Farmer, Tulle and Satin bow gown, Jessica Stam in Harpers Bazaar February 2007 by Solve Sundsbo via {this is glamorous}


Suzann @ Lavender and Roses said...

Those shoes are awesome!

Design Lovely said...

These are so lovely. You have such great taste!


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