Sunday, November 16, 2008

My room! (finally I know) I'm so excited to hear your suggestions!

I hadn't forgotten that I promised to post images of my room after I'd selected a paint color (with the help of you guys), it just took me awhile to feel like it was in a state where I could reveal it. Here's the original post if you need to refresh your memory. So I'm just going to call this phase one, because there are still some improvements I'd like to do but haven't gotten to yet. Anyway, after my friend (thanks Cathie!) had "gently reminded" me twice, I knew had to bite the bullet and show it to you guys. I'm really anxious to hear your ideas.

This is the "front" of the room. I'm standing at the foot of my bed here. I plan to find some really pretty fabric and create a "skirt" to go around the radiator, which I'll attach to the shelf. Any fabric suggestions would be great, because of course I can't decide.

I'm starting a "photo wall" on the wall back there, but it's really important that the images are all meaningful to me, so it will be a work in progress. The image below is where I got the inspiration.

Image via see previous post

The mirror I bought for $20 at a flea market, and painted the frame white.

I also want to make a cover for my monitor on top of the desk (see inspiration below). My laptop lives in the secretary. The scoop back chair I bought for $5 from a stoop sale.

Image via see previous post

Adorable gifts from my friend Illana, the packaging is just too pretty for me to open!

I found two long, thin wooden boxes on the curb, which I painted white and installed on either side of my bed. They take up less space than nightstands and help curb clutter since they're small. The small lamps on either side of the bed are from ikea - and kind of hard to make out here.

The sliding doors that were on the closet were fussy, so I installed a brown velvet curtain and it works great.

I took the frame off my full length mirror and plan on stretching some fabric over it to create a "headboard"

Thanks in advance you guys, I'm sure you'll have awesome ideas.


Renate said...

You've got a nice romantic style going there in that room! Those Ikea lamps are adorable and I also like the boxes on the wall instead of bedsidetables.
If I may give my opinion: please dont add a skirt to cover the radiator. Go for a wooden/mdf radiatorcover. SO much nicer. We can get DIY sets for about $150 at DIY stores here. Not very cheap, but the result is very classy.
Also: why not change the brown curtain to a white one? It would blend with the wall better (now the dark curtain is a focal point on the white/light wall) and make your room seem brighter.
Good luck with the project, I'm looking forward to the results.

renate said...

some radiator inspiration:

Cathie said...

Your room is looking good! It definitely has a calm and romantic vibe. I love the lights/lamps you have in your room. I saw those lamps at ikea this weekend and thought of you! I do agree with Renate and maybe switch the brown curtain to something lighter. Maybe an accent to your comforter.
The monitor cover is a cute idea and i can't wait to see the next round of pictures :D

Sharon said...

The room in progress looks very good!
I think a white linen curtain beautifully sewn can really upgrade the closet area(translucent, with your lighting showing off a 'glimpse' of an arrangement of wicker baskets on the shelves for instance..)Oh and I like what you did with the radiator, it can do without the curtain!Or else, a pop of dark blue damask fabric, y not.
About the headboard why don't you go with a twin set of giant square shaped cushion instead? the side shelving are such interesting deco items already..
Finally, I love love love your idea of the 'wall of frames'
There you go, hope I helped:) Can't wait to see the "end-result", which am sure will be great anyway!!!

Hugs, Sharon.

Linda at Lime in the Coconut! said...

What a great room! Love the wall of pics...You will love waking up to it every morn (ps...I still haven't changed mine like you so wonderfully helped me with...But planning on it....soon!)

Ultra love seeing your son hangs his on the wall on one of those guitar hooks. possibility for you? Or no wall space?

Great lamps add some funk!!

Love the little glimpse into your world!

renate said...

BTW - that monitor cover is a great idea! I think that I might just go and make one for my monitor, too... a great excuse to buy a piece of pretty Amy Butler fabric... :-)

Heidi Jo said...

I actually like the radiator as is. I see them in rooms all the time and think they just look retro... maybe I like them because I have a huge ugly tan heater. I might just be jealous... ; )

Spiderbite said...

Cute, Ash! I love the little boxes on the wall by your bed. Make over my apartment!

Actually you should see mine. Almost all of my walls are now covered in shelves. It's going to be a bitch when I move. And I started a little wall with framed pictures of my own. Mostly because all my other walls are covered in shelves and I have nowhere else to put them...

Make sure the radiator cover fabric is fire proof. ;)

I look forward to updates. It looks great so far.

Jamie said...

Sorry for this barage of comments from me today! Just found your blog! Lovin it! Nice work with your room! Are those track lights you have going up your wall (relected in the mirror). I also love the idea of a monitor cover! Brilliant!

Ashley said...

Hi Jamie,
I believe it was you who asked about the strand of lights reflected in the mirror of the post about my bedroom. They're actually just little lights I tacked up. I got them from pearl river in SOHO. They're kinda just silly and cute, but I bought them with my sister when she visited, so they have some meaning. (Pearl River has some great stuff btw!)

Jennie said...

If your inclined to have a cloth radiator cover, for safety reasons i would go for a wool blend. wool is naturally flame retardant, and it wears well. If the radiator ever overheats, the wool is less likely to catch fire.

Silvita said...

Nice bedroom, but it will be better introducing some contrasting colors.
I like the brown curtain.Is the dramatic touch.


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