Tuesday, November 25, 2008

Give gorgeous and unique gifts!

Sometimes it seems like all there is to give these days are cliche candles, body lotions, and gift baskets, but John Derian offers practical, beautiful, and memorable gifts!

Adorable plates...

I love these fun "garden furniture" coasters. They have many more designs online.

and cachepots

Curious paperweights

Collections of trays are sold as wall hangings

Hard-to-find bell jars

From a feature in House and Garden

The store in NYC

Go to johnderian.com to see more!

Looove how cozy and warm his bedroom looks

John's house itself! From Elle Decor

All images via johnderian.com


viera said...

I love everything! Thank you for the link

Ellie said...

Wow!! This kind of gifts are best and looking very unique!!


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