Tuesday, November 11, 2008

Decorate yourself for a change

So, I'm going off on a little bit of a tangent here. I've never really been interested in fashion, but I think my love of interior decorating has given way to an appreciation for it. So lets see how we do. I'll start with baby steps by sharing this really awesome jewelry I discovered. I was really intrigued by the first Iosselliani necklace I found, I'd never really seen anything like it! But it still wasn't so out there that one couldn't wear it unless on the red carpet. So I went to their site to read more about them, and check out more of their goods. Turns out they have stores in Italy, Europe, the Far East, Japan, the US, the Middle East, and you can shop online. Their prices aren't horribly outrageous at around €100 to €300 depending on the piece, some more or less.

My Iosselliani faves:

See more at Iosselliani

But look! You can get a similar look for a lot less dough at Urban Outfitters, and for a girl like me, this is the perfect solution, as I don't think I've ever spent more than $50 on jewelry - and that was a watch.

$38 will get you this necklace

See more at Urban Outfitters


citysage said...

Funnily enough, I like the UO pieces better! Maybe it's my subconscious telling me they're healthier for my wallet...but that watch is so charming! (no pun intended :)

pamnote said...

Hi, what a fabulous blog! Thank you so much! I really need to know about a watch you have posted on here. Pls e-mail me @ pamnote@yahoo.com. Thank you again!

Sharon said...

oooh, i know what you mean!!!I still find the prices high, even for Urban Outfitters(may be it's because am spoiled by all the price defying costume jewelry stores here in Mauritius!)thanks for this post, hope to see some more:)


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