Thursday, November 6, 2008

Cool and super useful stuff for your kitchen - and other rooms!

I ran across a the cutest shop in Domino magazine called Black Ink, in Boston. The store sells "well designed, utilitarian house hold items," and other cute objects. If you're in Boston, check out one of their divisions, The Museum of Useful Things, where they exhibit a vintage collection of household goods beside items they currently produce. You can also check out the museum and online store at

I'd have to stick magnets on the back of these too so I could use them in the office.

This tape is such a creative idea! It is "framing tape," which is a quick an inexpensive way to fancify your pictures.
Bee House salt box

Bee House tea pitchers -- I love all of their stuff, and have long coveted a Bee House tea pot

Stainless steel espresso cups

An ingenious recipe/memo/to-do list holder

This laundry bin on wheels would be enormously helpful for lots of things other than laundry, like... rolling magazine storage!

Good old Pyrex, durable, and very affordable

Pretty porcelain keys


Suzann @ Lavender and Roses said...

I have not ever heard of bee house, but I really like those items and now I have to find them. I also love the pyrex containers - very useful.

Cathie said...

I was lucky enough to fall upon that store when i was in Boston. They really have cool and unique stuff there.


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