Tuesday, October 28, 2008

The wonderful work of James Merrell

I was so, so glad I found his website! The thing I like the best about some of these photos is that there is actual clutter in them- but the rooms still have style. It's inspiring for someone like me who has every intention of a super-clean home, but also has a life.

Oh look, my coffee table. More like every table-every surface- in my house

This mantle is styled just like my nightstand. ;)

I love this room!

Great headboard idea if it fits into your decor

1 comment:

citysage said...

Yes yes yes! James is one of my all-time favourite photographers---he captures aura of timeworn glamour that I love so much. Somehow his photos manage to create the feeling that the room was abandoned 100 years ago and you're just rediscovering it now...


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