Wednesday, October 1, 2008

Who says print is dead?

I know as a blogger and web designer it's blasphemous for me to say this, but sometimes I just want it on paper - a magazine or a book to get cozier with. This is why I still subscribe to several of my favorite magazines, and still get excited to see them in my mailbox. Here are a few of my favorite pages scanned from more recent issues of Domino. Enjoy!

I love how these books are displayed on the shelves, really gives the room an antiquated look.

The two above images are from a spread of the same room. Though I usually like cleaner spaces, I sort of like the stacks of books and other objects in the room. The giant collection of Polaroids is creative too.

The two images above are of the same room, which I really love. It's feminine but not too girly.


Cathie said...

funny those are the 2 domino magazines i bought. I love that girl's apt.

Suzann said...

Loving these rooms. I have never gotten Domino Magazine. I think I'm going to have to check it out.


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