Wednesday, October 1, 2008

modern, eco-concious, and affordable goodies for you and your home

I couldn't believe I hadn't found this shop earlier, but I'm glad I finally did. With a focus on sustainable design, you can feel awesome about shopping at ReForm School. Other than being recycled, your purchase will be gorgeously designed!

Though they're in the kids section, I love these pillows. Cuddle Pillow by Binth

Numbers by Binth $55.00

I definitely plan on adding this print to my collection. Cosmic Forest Limited Edition Print $12.00 By Lart C. Berliner for Little Otsu

I would love to get a peek inside this book, "Treehouses of the World" $35

David Shrigley polite cards, $6.50. No words- I just love it.

gorgeous knitwear bowl, $65

recycled tile coasters, $7.50

$20 will get you this recycled bottle carafe

Hello! Where have you been all my life...
Vintage Shopper by Showpony $24.00

Go to to see more AWESOME stuff!

1 comment:

citysage said...

That card is hilarious. I would absolutely buy it and frame it for my kitchen. (And my husband would find it apropos because I have a reputation for being something of a lead foot when I drive.)

Great finds as always!


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