Thursday, October 9, 2008

Eclectic and exotic bedrooms

So, those of you who have been around awhile should be able to appreciate how difficult it was for me to pull some of these images! ;) I always lean toward clean white interiors. Not that I never like the occasional dark, bright, or non-minimalist room, I just almost always get distracted by white interiors and post them instead. Well, I've decided that it's time to expand my horizons (bear with me), and collected some bedrooms that I could definitely see myself comfortable in. How about you?

ps...yes, I know, some of these are still white...

I'm not crazy about the stuff on the shelf above the bed, but I do like the mismatched night stands and the contrasting pillows on the bed.

Images via Elle Decor

Not crazy about the palm tree...but I love the bedspread with the blue/purple walls!

Images via Domino

Images via Marie Claire Maison


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qerat said...

I love these bedrooms. Love old textiles.


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