Wednesday, October 29, 2008

Amelie's adorable apartment! Lots of pictures!

I was watching Amelie the other night, and decided I had to write about her apartment. Probably the first thing that stands out is the palette- almost everything is warm red and oranges, with some green and blue here or there. For a "woman of almost 23" her apartment is very put together, and looks as if she's lived there for years and years. Being introverted and a little bit isolated, it makes sense that her place is much more than a crash pad, but her save haven. She also has great taste in art and wallpaper!

Her whimsical bedroom

The entry way...*love* this wallpaper

Her kitchen...I'm guessing it's only the wall behind her that is red, and then the other walls are tiled.

Even her windowsill is cute.

The living room. I really like the blue lampshade

I love that she has a dresser in the bathroom.

Images via and Screencaps


Alicia B Blogs said...

Amazing post! I love that movie so much! Wouldn't it be that great to be that "together" at 22. I can't wait to watch that movie again.

kate said...

Actually, Jeunet was incredibly deliberate about the color palette throughout the film -- there is red, blue and green in every frame, even when it had to be digitally added in (the blue lamp is CG). I think he talks about this on the DVD director's commentary... Great post! Love this film.

I also really liked the apartments in Cache, directed by Michael Haneke. A fascinating, frustrating film but with a quiet visual power. Woo French Cinema!

Spiderbite said...

Ah, Amelie. How romantical. I love that she has Michael Sowa's work around her apt. Fits perfectly with her whimsical nature.


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