Thursday, September 25, 2008

Modern or Traditional- which do you prefer?

1stdibs had some nice designer features and stories this month, and I was really pleased with how varied styles were between designers. It was interesting to see how they swayed to a very modern style or over to a traditional style. It did seem like the traditional designers were a little more inclined to add some modern elements to their projects.


Joe Nye was deliberate in his traditional styling - I love how this room is so small, but still feels "complete"

This pretty pink room from Southern Accents is traditional in most of it's furnishing, but the restraint used throughout I find very modern.

I love the branches in vases, as opposed to flowers

A traditional bedroom by Jay Jeffers, in my opinion his use of color ads a nice contemporary touch.


Carlos Junqueira's large white space in NYC is a showroom for his love of modern design.

All images via 1stdibs


Lisa Renee said...

I prefer modern.
It's a little funny because modern design now often integrates traditional elements!
But that's what I love!

jae said...

I like a combination of the two. I like the flooring, walls, kitchens, baths, etc. to be modern, but then I want to throw in some traditional furnishings to bring in warmth. I am not big on clutter, so that usually draws me to prefer a more modern aesthetic.

Kierstin Bridger said...

I think modern clears my head- too many tchokes makes me feel overwhelmed...
Great photos on your site!

chiara said...

that mantle with the green fig leaves images is fantiastic! and I'm with Jae - a combination of the two is nice.


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