Wednesday, September 10, 2008

Look at these luxury linens, and how you can get them cheaper!

Ankasa's gorgeous home decor is top of the line; embroidery, appliques, beading, sequins, luxury fabrics, you name it. Sadly, the prices are top of the line too. But if you really, really have your heart set on the look, I might just be able to help! All you need is a throw(s), pillow(s), or anything you want to embellish. Also, some needle and thread, a little creativity, and some sequins, appliques, beading, trim, you name it - and you got yourself an Ankasa "inspired" treasure.

The inspiration...

Images via Ankasa

So, to make your own, collect some embellishments from a craft or fabric store...

These embellishments are from Albert Zoll, the most expensive thing I found was $28, and a lot of items were cheaper.
Images via Albert Zoll

Choose a pillow or throw you like, these are from Overstock.
Then, just sew on your trim/beading/etc!
Let me know how it goes!

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