Wednesday, September 10, 2008

Kitchen help!

My roomies and I have a to-die-for kitchen. All new stainless-steel appliances, recessed lighting, and tons of cabinet space. The problem? We have somehow managed to fill it already, after less than a month! Sooo...we've come to realize that we need to find a functional and attractive way to keep our kitchen running smoothly. Count on Domino to have lots of great images featuring great solutions!

Love the accessibility of spices...

Great idea from Julia Child... and easy and cheap to install

Great idea for inside pantry doors

Love the utensil rack

All images via Domino Magazine

What are some of your space-saving kitchen solutions?


The City Sage said...

When we lived in Brooklyn we were lucky enough to have a pantry- which had a door that we mounted sheet metal on.

I then got these great magnetic hooks and a magnetic paper towel rack from the Container Store in Chelsea:

It was terrific to be able to hang things up, but to be able to close the door and not have to look at it all the time.

Alas, we've moved to California and there's no pantry in the new place, and my poor magnetic hooks are now just an eyesore on the fridge!

Linda at Lime in the Coconut! said...

I've found, for us, the key is not having more than you need. For awhile we lived with 8 plates (and their are 6 of us!) and 8 cups and 8 forks.... we have progressed a bit, but still subscribe to that mindset. If it doesn't fit in the kitchen, get rid of it...or get creative!

Knives on magnets. Cups and bowls and even plates in drawers. Cups on hooks above the coffee machine. Measuring cups and spoons on hooks above the baking area......

Stuff like that! Enjoy your space!

Ashley said...

hmm...all def. put some of these ideas to work. Thanks!


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