Friday, September 26, 2008

House Beautiful vs. Better Homes and Gardens - who gets your vote?

I've added a few images from each magazine for a reference. They might not really be enough to decide, but maybe they'll inspire. Which magazine would you be more likely to flip through at the bookstore, House Beautiful or Better Homes and Gardens? why?

House Beautiful:

Images via House Beautiful

Better Homes and Gardens :

Images via Better Homes and Gardens


Dianne said...

From the pictures you selected I would pick BHG. But, in reality, I LOVE House Beautiful and think it is a much better publication. More refined then BHG which is much more everyday livable. I already have that...I want to be inspired to do better.

GiltTrip said...

I agree with Dianne. You posted some of the more lovely pics from BHG. I get a little shiver when HB arrives in the mailbox. Although, I found the October issue a little dull.

Things That Inspire said...

House Beautiful is my absolute favorite design magazine, which is high praise considering I am a design magazine addict. However, you show some great pictures from BHG...may have to add them to the magazine list!

Lisa Renee said...

I would choose House Beautiful over BHG. There's something a little too "flowery" and "whimsical" about BHG and that's just not my personal taste. BHG seems a little more traditional to me.

Good question though!

Linda at Lime in the Coconut! said...

Ha! Love this...especially after the debates (who WON??WHO won??)

Ok...Jim...The question was which would I leaf through at the book store? Both. I am a hopeless "leaf through" Ho.

But of the images you showed, I think I am really liking and identifying with the HB. BHG seems a little "sweet" and maybe "seen it".

As far as the actual mags...I love HB's new (or relatively new) format!

So....they get my vote.......tonight, Jim.

Innovative Defense said...

Those are amazing photos of beautiful homes =)

Lea said...

I'm an Ideal Homes fan... But out of those two i'm not so sure. I always prefer House Beautiful to read, but judging by the photos i prefer BHG.

Great blog btw xx

Vintage&Chic said...

No doubt for me: I choose House Beautiful!

citysage said...

I'm a total House Beautiful girl...not only because like others are saying the style is more refined, but because I love how they interview all the designers.

It's one of the few interiors mags that i actually "read", as opposed to just looking at the pics. The information i get from those interviews provides great insight and really helps me in my own projects.

So Haute said...

I love house beautiful. The interiors and the products featured in the magazine are much more sophisticated and aspirational. BHG lacks the same polish but definitely has a more mass appeal. The have a HUGE circulation!


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