Wednesday, September 3, 2008

Could you live in a barn?

I could! If they looked like some of these conversions. After doing all the research, I'd definitely need mine to be sectioned into different rooms as opposed to a conversion left as a vast open space with a loft. You?

Images via Farmhouse Modern


Images via Materialicious

Images via Border Oak

Look at how they start, with just the stone foundation!
Images via Carpenter Oak


Linda at Lime in the Coconut! said...

Could I? We did!

We lived in a converted Barn in upstate NY for awhile...we were just renting it, but it had won some architechtural awards...It was cool with a spiral staircase up to the hay loft...3 floors, large modern kitchen, and everything else was all open. Loved it! 'Cept we did have some mice!!

Lovely pix Ashley!!

Anonymous said...

I would love to live in a fact, I grew up on a Ranch and we had a huge barn that even as a little one, I would envisioned bunk cubbies all along the side of the upstairs....and a giant true-divided window where the openings were. Wonderful gift is this post. Ginny

SimplyGrove said...

I could so live in a barn! I would make the inside ultra modern with eclectic furniture:)
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Linda/"Mom" said...

* Living in a converted "barn" (in an area where there are 4 SEASONS... would HAVE to have SNOW!) has always been a rather "secret dream" of mine... these pics just reinforce that dream, so, I THANK YOU for the SMILES!!!

Linda in AZ *


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