Thursday, September 18, 2008

Conservative goes modern

Alright, so I'm a little bit of a Martha kick this week. I was really surprised to see these images were hers, because some of them are definitely erring more on the modern side, when you usually turn to Martha for more traditional, classic ideas. Some of them, of course, do have touches of romance and country flair, but all in all I think the rooms are very well done.

I love this big home office desk!

Benches stacked up as shelves!

Neat way to partition a bed in a studio

Office in a closet

I wish I'd thought to cover my boxspring with a fitted sheet before buying a fussy bed skirt

Love the white bedroom

pot-lid holder as a mail organizer
Images property of Martha Stewart


My Notting Hill said...

great pics - really love that striped rug!

Morgan said...

Thanks for the pictures! I was looking for a design blog to inspire me for my new place...this is perfect. I also love how you describe the designs as modern with a romantic kick, thats 100% my style!


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