Tuesday, September 9, 2008

Affordable, one (or few)- of- a- kind lighting, pillows, and dinnerware

I'm on the hunt for two small lamps for either side of my bed. After searching the usual suspects, I was left unimpressed, so I decided to look the hand-made way...Here are some of my favorites I now have to choose from...

From artist Yours Truly, (this is the artist's shop name, not me ;)
Awesome bottle lamps with bold and colorful lampshades. You can even chose the fabric you want for your shade!

oohhh...liquor. Love it!

To purchase or see more, go to Yours Truly xoxo Etsy shop

From Cicada Home, I love these lamps and cushions, and the textiles are so pretty. I want a pair of the Michelle Engel Bencsko accent lamps! So pretty on or off!

To purchase of see more, go to Cicada Home's Etsy shop

From Red Sonja Designs, I love how the artist has used her photography and applied it to these beautiful lamps. Now I'm trying to pick which ones I'd pair up.
I think these two are my fav's.

To purchase or see more, go to Red Sonja Designs's Etsy Shop.

Not, lamps, but I just had to share these! From nonfiction, invasive species dinnerware. I love these! Growing up the daughter of an environmental scientist, I'm well versed in invasive species, and they hold an unspecial place in my heart. So clever!

To purchase or see more, go to nonfiction's Etsy shop


Jeff said...

Fantastic dinnerware - whatever it takes to get the word out on invasive species.

Linda at Lime in the Coconut! said...

You have unearthed a bunch of great etsy sites....and LOOK at YOU...with your own shop!! Go girl!!

Ashley said...

I think your referring to "Yours Truly" that's actually not me, just the name of the shop owner ;)


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