Sunday, August 3, 2008

Stylish, affordable finds from LL Bean Home

LL Bean is well known for quality and affordability, but they aren't quite my style. I was surprised however, to look in my mom's most recent catalog from LL Bean home. They have many stylish pieces, similar to what you might find in Restoration Hardware or Crate and Barrel, but at much friendlier prices!

Painted cottage bookcase, $179.00, 8 pretty colors

Painted Cottage Collection, work desk $229.oo

Arts and Crafts Bedding, from $79

Sand Dollar Bedding , from $69

Lakeside End Table, $99

1949 Big Ben alarm clock, $29.50

Pharmacy Table Lamp $159.00

Mission Fireside Bench , $169

They have this in a darker finish which I actually prefer.

Upholstered Ultralight chair, $399

This might be nice in the corner of the bedroom...I'd want it in white though. Maybe they'll ad more colors soon.


Ann said...

The turquoise cottage bookcase looks so cool and lovely. I love its color and simple design. It would be perfect in my son's bedroom.

Mommie2ajw said...

Note on LL Bean: quality goods. I have over the past 30+ years bought many, many items from LL Bean and never been disappointed. Every year they bring out new items to entice, and if you like contemporary "country" items it's hard to find something you don't like. I just wish they would manufacture in the U. S.; even at a higher price, I'd still patronize them.


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