Thursday, August 14, 2008

Please help me decide!

Alright folks, it has begun. Here is my new room ready for painting and decorating. I'm very excited, and would really like to hear any thoughts or suggestions you guys have. Back when I did my "what color should I paint my bedroom" post, light blue won by a landslide, so now it comes down to what light blue.

That's the top of my ikea secretary desk I bought used, I love it!

An unfortunately large radiator. I had it in my mind to install a shelf over it and sew a sort of table skirt to hide it, but there's a pipe coming up the back, so I'd have to cut a semi-circle on the edge of the shelf...hmm...

my closet, this is just half of it, it has sliding double doors.

My only window *tear*

My room is about 8 ft. wide..which for Brooklyn is what you get used too.

Opposite end of the room, where I plan to put my bed. The room is about 14ft. long, which is pretty good.

There's this odd opaque window and two purposeless vents. On the other side is just an office/utility room. I plan on removing the vents and spackling the holes. As far as the window, it's good because it allows more light in the room, but it's also weird. Should I hang my full length mirror over it or leave it as is?

Another view of the end.

So here are three blues to get us started- obviously you can suggest something totally different. I think I'm rooting for C, I like it because it's romantic and a very cool color. I am open for persuasion however!

A. a "blue" blue

B. a "green" blue

C. a "lavender" blue

I'm so excited to hear your thoughts and feedback!


Janet said...

The blue blue and don't cover up the weird little window, play it up. Maybe make a little valance for it and install a decorative shelf under it for small collectibles or perfume.

Rachel Mallon said...

I think the first blue reminds me too much of a nursery paint color. I would lower the saturation of the first blue color so its more of a slate gray blue. I think this will look more grown up.

Cathie said...

I do like A but C is more calming.
Can't wait to see the painted room.

Ashley said...

I do agree that the first blue is a bit too saturated, maybe I will tone it down a little. I'm just afraid of the space looking dark considering I only have one window and I'm on the ground floor :(

Donna Vitan said...

I actually prefer C, but if A was toned down, I think it will work much better. And have fun with the lighting!

Sharon said...

lavender blue it is! I have had the 'B' as my first bedroom color, the prob with it is on the cooler days, it gives this weird chill in the air feeling..
I am fascinated by the 'faux' window! how about not removing the vents, but instead making the most of it. A dark brown paint(am thinking chocolate)+ plus a console or side table just the height of the glass panel, where you can display
a) exotic: a buddha statue& candles
b) modern: a pair of candle holders, a tall transparent vase
c) either way!
oh, I definitely like the idea of shelving above the radiator, semi-circle included, go for it!!
have fun;)


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