Tuesday, August 5, 2008

Modern retro design inspiration

For some reason, whenever I discover a new home decor store, it always happens to be located overseas. grr! Well, regardless, I still find the catalogs and merchandise inspiring. With that said, here's my latest find, called Graham and Green. Their look is a great mix of eclectic, modern, and retro. Does anyone know of a similar store here in the US?


Suburban Daybook said...

I love the lamps and different shades, that mirrored dresser is fantastic too - thanks for the post!

The City Sage said...

Beautiful! I've seen many pieces like the ones in these pics at ABC Carpet and Home in New York City. And online, I don't know of any single retailers that can match that---but for pieces similar to the velvet sofas and accessories check out www.ochrestore.com and www.ochre.net.
They have amazing stuff.

karey m. said...

stunning site! picked up some jim t textiles in thailand...wow.

and i had to kirtsy gleenashop via your intro! thanks!


Ashley said...

Thanks for the ochrestore suggestion City Stage, and thanks for the kirtsy Karey!


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