Thursday, August 21, 2008

Eco chic furniture and accessories

So, I know that "green" and "eco-friendly" items aren't exactly new buzzwords anymore. But I still love when I find a product that is made from recycled glass or reclaimed wood. What's even better is if the product is designed well and affordable. It's hard to find all of those things from one seller (especially affordability), but VivaTerra comes close!

Flowered enamel picnicware, starts at $35
I don't know why I like these, they're kitsch, but I like these

Ecowood grid shelf, $69

Recycled glass vases, $39 to $98

Suzani benches, $395 for narrow, $895 for wide

Gustavian vintage bed, $1,995 - $2,095

Branch and glass side table, $198

Entwined root stool, $99
I would take the glass top idea from the first table and put it on the root stool.

Railroad tie dining table $998

boatwood clock, $69

Images via VivaTerra

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