Monday, August 11, 2008

Clever ways to cover an eye-sore

Everybody's got 'em. Spaces in their home they'd rather not be there.But no matter how ugly a radiator, one needs heat. The ideas below are some of my favorite solutions.

Ho-hum shelving? Make it pop and coordinate with the rest of the room by painting the back and sides of the shelves.

Mess under the table? In my small apartment, underneath the table is valuable storage space. I'll be making a simple table skirt like this one to hide my recycling bins, which live under a side table in my kitchen.

Use a bookcase as a storage console by keeping things tidy in matching bins.

Draw attention away from the radiator by fashioning a cover of some sort-- this can be something as simple as a shelf mounted above the radiator. Put intriguing objects on the surface that'll act as the focal point--instead of the radiator.

Crammed cupboards? Never underestimate the power of a pot rack! I'd cook even less than I do now if it wasn't for mine. I also have the same exact magnetic knife strip as seen here. It's really helpful because it means I'm not rooting around in drawers for a sharp blade.

Images via BH & G

1 comment:

Linda at Lime in the Coconut! said...

Ok...that last picture has been on my "adore it" list for years. And pot racks...LOVE THEM! This has been the first time we have not had one ( but gotta say... LOVIN' my huge pot and pan drawers! Can you say neatly organized? It's a nice word.

Clever solutions, indeed!


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