Thursday, August 14, 2008

Bathrooms that prove they don't need to be big to be beautiful

Besides, cleaning tile grout is a headache! The less the better I say. I like small bathrooms, they always feel cozier to me. Taking a bath in a huge tub in a huge room just isn't my idea of comfortable. So, I collected some bathrooms that are beautiful, and attainable for an everyday girl like me.

I think the little table with the flowers, and the antique scale really make this bathroom cozy and lived-in.

I love the idea as a tulip table as a little bath caddy!

For some reason I love art in the bathroom

Clean and serene

Images above via Homebug

So not so small, but I love the tub

the black vanity between two white sinks is interesting...

big, but I was really attracted to the wooden floors in the bathroom, they're beautiful!

A tight bathroom, I really love the door, but I think it'll look even better once it's earned some character.

Wouldn't it be great to soak in the tub and look up at the sky!

Images above via Cottage Living


zee said...

Oh, I'll have to add those Cottage Living images to my inspiration file! Thank you for the link. My own bathroom is too small to even fit a bath in, so these are all gargantuan by comparison!

Alicia B Blogs said...

I love the nickel picture light over the mirrors above! Different from the usual down light with a white glass shade look!

My Notting Hill said...

Love all these bathrooms - so many of them I hadn't seen before. Thanks!

Linda at Lime in the Coconut! said...

Oooooh. I would say that you have a thing or two for big ole' soaking too!!!!

MMW said...

Wow this is so pretty. We are redoing our "tiny" master bathroom soon. I think I'm going to add this blog post to my look book.


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