Thursday, July 31, 2008

Inspiration for an orderly home

The Shakers are masters of order, simplicity, and practicality. I've had a pretty stressful last month dealing with a break-up and getting ready to move, so looking at their interiors has a calming, decompressing effect on me. ahhh. I think one can definitely learn and borrow from the shakers, and you don't need to stick with rustic furniture and accessories--you can apply their decorating philosophy to what you already have. What are your thoughts?

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The small Brooklyn firm called Uhuru blend modern style with the Shaker philosophy.
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Sara Szyber from Stockholm, designed these modern Scandinavian shaker-style tables

I've been coveting these awesome shaker salt n' pepper shakers, and now they're on sale!

This table to me is a classic. One day when I have more room I will buy a kit and make one. It has the rare capacity to look great no matter what style you love! It can be can be modern. Also from


Linda at Lime in the Coconut! said...

My thought? I don't think that laundry room would look near as good with OR pile of unfolded/un-colorcoordinated laundry!!

But love the shaker tables and the Brooklyn firms' stuff!!

The City Sage said...

Shaker style is so spare and elegant- it captures the serene mood that i would love to cultivate in my own home.

Design Within Reach just published a great essay on the links between the Shaker design ethos and mid-century modernism----definitely worth a read!

Jan said...

I love the last image


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