Thursday, July 24, 2008

Home Libraries you'll never want to leave

There's nothing like spending all day reading a book! It's a guilty pleasure for most of us, and an important part of the whole experience is having a cozy space to browse and curl up. Here some great home libraries I dug up...

(the following 7 images are all from Domino )

A lovely little bedside library

This is quite the serious library, but one you'd actually want to stay in and research

A well-lit table allows you to spread out several books at once

You don't have to stow away your books when you entertain, string up a curtain and you can instantly conceal them.

I love the look of art being hung on bookshelves

Do like a cat and curl up in this bright and sunny window seat.

This lovely nook situated in a bay window is all-day worthy for sure. Image from

The lighting in this library is so soothing and warm. Image from myinteriorspace


Linda at Lime in the Coconut! said...

Oh gorgeous. I always have books on the brain.Mostly "Arggh...where are we going to put all these books?!!"

I just posted a picture I scarfed from your site tonight.

Johnny said...

I'm obsessed with giant bookshelves and high ceilings. I think they work beautifully in any part of a high-ceiling apt, whether formal living room or casual 2nd bedroom. These pictures are great!


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