Wednesday, June 18, 2008

Carrie Bradshaw's New Apartment, good or bad?

There's been much heated debate among Sex and the City fans about the redesign of Carrie's apartment. Her apartment during the show was bohemian and charming, her new apartment as seen in the movie--modern and polished. I have to say I like her first apartment. It's much cozier and better for creative types. Her new apartment dons a huge tv--which I didn't know Carrie watched, and there's no way she could reach those magazines... Which apartment do you like better?

Carrie's Original Apartment

Carrie's New Apartment


Cathie said...

I definitely love her old apt, it has more character.

Spiderbite said...

Of course her old apartment. Bohemian all the way.

Artists/writers don't need tv, let alone a giant one. She never watched much tv on the show if I recall. It's not like she's a sports writer or something and needs to watch the big game.

Sarah said...

Her old apartment definitely looks much more comfortable with lots of comfy places to sit and work or read. The new one looks like something out of a magazine spread--nice, but not sure you could live there and keep it looking that way. However, I really like the paint color on the walls in the new apartment.


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