Friday, June 24, 2016

When I love the look of shiplap!

If anyone has every seen the famous HGTV show Fixer Upper, you have seen shiplap plenty of times! I have to agree with Joanna when it comes to shiplap. It is simply beautiful. 

Farmhouse style Kid's Homework Area by Postbox Designs, $20 DIY rug tutorial, shiplap wall tutorial, no-sew curtain idea:

There are certain times when I love it more though. Like when it's used to define a certain space. This is great for the homes that have an open floor plan and need to separate spaces. 

Not usually a fan of really dark walls, but this slate color works great with the stark white - also love the shiplap wall treatment::
via bhg

In small spaces! Most small spaces need to feel sleek and clean in order to not feel so tiny. Shiplap is a great way to give a room character without making it feel smaller than it already is!

Natural Luxe in the Living Room:

I love the natural look of restored shiplap. If you really want add a sense of character to your home, using natural restored shiplap is by far the best!

Add a hint of rustic, farmhouse authenticity to a bedroom with gray painted shiplap walls, a white ceiling and exposed wooden beams | Jenna Sue Designs:

A great way to use just a touch of shiplap would be for a wall accent. Putting it on just one wall is a great way to enjoy the texture and design and keep it in the budget!

Shiplap walls and FANTASTIC decor-- Here's what to expect from the 2016 Birmingham Parade of Homes | Unskinny Boppy:

My last favorite place to see shiplap is above the fireplace. It really adds to the focal point of the fireplace and is a great background for any picture you hang there.

Do you love shiplap? Where would you put it in your house?

Thursday, June 23, 2016

Beautiful and Classic interiors: Interior design by Kate Marker

Kate Marker Interiors blends the old and the new

I'm having a serious designer crush on Kate Marker Interiors.  As I'm sure many of you know, raising a toddler adds serious chaos to your life, both mentally and physically.  The constant picking up of toys on top of being there 24/7 to tend to your little one's beck and call can be draining.  While there are many moments of joy to fill you back up, you also need an environment that decompresses, and for me nothing does that like a soothing, clean and serene space.  I think Kate Marker's interiors do just that.

Having a sleek and functional entryway helps you leave the day's stresses at the door and helps prevent it when you're trying to leave for the day! I LOVE the built-n cupboards and drawers

As an order and organization junkie these bookshelves are such a sigh of relief.  I love the overhead lighting via the gold sconces too.  Using the shelves as a sort of gallery space for art is clever too!

Nothing like a crisp white bathroom

Peppering you house with meaningful vignettes is a beautiful way to decorate.

Normally I don't go for monochrome spaces but this dusty blue is so beautiful

There is a soothing Shaker quality to this hall

An intimate and light-filled seating area in the bedroom is a happy refuge

Wednesday, June 22, 2016

Nazmiyal Antique Rugs

Rugs have always been a great way to incorporate different colors and styles in a room and have always been one of my favorite things to shop for. This is when I miss New York the most. Shopping in New York is unlike any other shopping! 

Antique Rug Showroom Nazmiyal

There's one store in particular that I miss the most! Nazmiyal has some of the most amazing rugs I've seen. They have such a wide variety of styles and designs you could get lost in all the options! I don't think I've ever not found a rug here that didn't perfectly match the design style I was looking for. 

If you are searching online, they have an amazing option to find a rug by a certain color. This is key when trying to incorporate colors that you already have in a room. It's also really fun to pick a color and see what other colors go really well with the original. This is a great idea if you are starting out with an idea but only have one color in mind. It will open your eyes to all the possibilities!

"Since 1980,  Nazmiyal has been the New York antique rug dealer with the most extensive collection of carpets, and the most specialized and user friendly website. We have invested years of effort into making sure our inventory represents the most unique and special rugs of every origin, size, and style, to make it easy to find exactly what you're looking for."

If you have ever been rug shopping you know it can be somewhat of a hassle. It's hard to find the specific size, style, and color you are looking for. Nazmiyal makes those struggles so much easier. Are you in the market for a new rug?

This is a sponsored post. 

Tuesday, June 21, 2016

2016 Interior Design Trend: Pretty Pastel Interiors

Pastel interiors inspiration

If pastels are done right, I love them.  If not, I loathe them.  The need to be cool and sophisticated, not sweet and sugary.  Below is some inspiration I found for interiors that use pastels in a fresh and hip way.

The super soft and muted tones in the rug and on the walls are like a breath of fresh air in this LA home.

The blush panels in this dining room are made sophisticated by the sleek black dining room furniture.  The pinks and oranges in the rug are just different enough to keep the pastels from being too matchy matchy.

2 images above via Domino

Pale blue and gold are always a winning combo in my eyes, and since no other pastels are competing, the landing doesn't look like too sweet.

Usually the pink, sherbet orange and light blue together would be too much for me, but because the rug and settee have a time worn patina I think it works.

What do you think of the blue door?  I think the subdued purple in the rug helps tone it down.
image above via Domino

This space might be a little too pastel for me, but I love that rug!
image above via Domino

Do you use pastel in your decor at all?  If so, how?

Monday, June 20, 2016

An elegant bohemian loft

A stylish and sophisticated loft in Philadelphia

Elegant and bohemian aren't normally two styles you necessarily see together, but done right they make quite the beautiful pair!  This loft is the work of Design Manifest, and isn't new to the blogosphere, but worth a revisit! All photos are from Design Manifest.

Stark white walls are the canvas, but you'll find ample pops of pink, blue and black as accent colors.

Amazing light and a lot of seating - hard for this loft not to look friendly

I love that the home is full of what look like travel souvenirs.

 Even the bookcase is full of pops of color.

 Blue,  pink, red and black create quite a punch on this accent wall.  There is also a chinoiserie theme throughout.

 I really like the suzani tablecloth.

A small wall is painted black to designate a bar area.

The bedroom is still colorful but in more muted tones.

What do you think of this modern bohemian loft?


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