Friday, April 24, 2015

This Years Backyard Must Haves

I am getting my summer parties planned and excited for some outdoor time! Here is what's on my list for this years backyard must haves:

Beautiful backyard lounge
via elmueble

Comfy seating!

Beautiful plants!

The outdoor string lights add the magic to this cozy small patio created by Aileen Allen, who writes At Home in Love. She has some terrific outdoor decorating ideas for renters or anyone with a small outdoor space. See more at The Home Depot Blog. || @aileenallen
via homedepot

Outdoor Lighting!

A Fire Pit!

Friends and Family to share it with!

Wednesday, April 22, 2015

How to add accents of red into your space

I'm not one for red, or warm colors at all, but I do like trying new things and changing things up. That's why I thought I'd find some inspiration for using the boldest color of them all - red.

A throw is an easy and non-committal way to dip your toes into using bolder colors.
via Coco & Kelly

A red rug in the kitchen is an unexpected way to add impact.
via pinterest via hgtv

If you have a lot of light blue or aqua in your home, then red is a sure thing to use as an accent.
via Fancy Lady

via Martha Stewart

via Pandas House

via Simple House Design Ideas

Tuesday, April 21, 2015

Let the sunshine in - bright and airy interiors

There is nothing like a freshly de-cluttered and scrubbed clean room that makes me feel like spring is really here.  Add open windows (love that spring air smell!) and the bright green of new growth and your home is a little piece of heaven!

via Pinterest via Apartment Therapy

I would love a patio office!
via Pinterest via Bloglovin

via Pinterest via Making Home Base

via Pinterest via Design Sponge

via Pinterest via Home Stories A to Z

via Pinterest via BHG

Monday, April 20, 2015

Finding Balance in your Home Decor

Whether it's clutter to clean, natural to color, or even the furniture in the home. Finding a good balance is key. 

In an open floor plan it's not just about one room. You want to have balance throughout the space.

Balancing textures in your decor is a great way to add layer to your home without adding clutter!

Look at the crown And look what a "wow" effect that a little bit of color on a large canvas can have on a room. Pick the right colors...and make it a family event. It has meaning....and lean it against the wall :) Of course it helps when your ceiling are high enough to use this large of a piece of canvas
via skonahem

If you enjoy neutrals more, you might consider balancing it out with silver or gold items.

white croc console + pair of vivid orange lamps
via bhg

Adding some balance with height is also a great option!

Dining Space by Studio OINK
via bloglovin

It may take a few tries before you find the right balance you like.

Friday, April 17, 2015

Balancing a simplistic but eclectic style

If you have a tendency to collect beautiful things and want to show them off, that doesn't mean your home can't be simplistic as well. Here's some great inspiration on pairing the two styles together:


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