Thursday, July 31, 2014

Glamorous spaces with dark walls

Painting a wall a dark color can be a risky design move, but like any risk, the outcome can be fabulous!

This black wall prettily sets off the furnishings in the room.

Break away from the white cabinet trend by using black.  It really makes this kitchen look chic.

If you don't have it in you to paint your walls a dark color - try going dark on the floor.

Do you have any dark hued walls or rooms in your home?

All images via Adore Magazine

Wednesday, July 30, 2014

Kitchen Trends

Some of my favorite kitchen trends seem to come and go, but most of them always come back! Here are a few things my dream kitchen must have:

A must have is an island! I absolutely love the thought of an island in a kitchen, and especially one that stands out a little like this with the dark wood counter top. 

What a great undermounted, farm style sink when paired with the countertops and cabinet styles.

There's something about a farmhouse sink that makes me smile. I love under mounted sinks to begin with but I love the function of them as well as the look!

Another must have is a large gorgeous hood! I may not be a professional cook but in my dream kitchen there would be a large hood that makes a statement.

Seriously...why is this not the norm?

And last but not least, a must have is great storage! There's no point in having a luxurious kitchen if I can't easily find everything I need. 

Tuesday, July 29, 2014

First glimpse at my wedding! My bouquet and how I made it

As some of you know I was married on May 24 of this year. The day was beyond beautiful and I will be sharing photos and how-to's with you over the coming months, but first I wanted to show off my gorgeous flowers.

My bouquet!
©2014 Mallory Frazier Photography

Like many aspects of my wedding, I did the flowers myself - from centerpieces to my bouquet to boutonnieres. There are a few surefire ways to make your wedding flowers look gorgeous and be almost effortless. I recommend sticking to a few flowers or types of greenery. I chose Lamb's Ear from my mothers garden, Foxtail Fern from an existing plant we had (which we happened to receive as a favor from another wedding), and blush peonies from the amazing

Keeping the different types of flowers or greenery in your wedding to a few types will drastically cut your costs. Another mistake I see DIY brides make is having way too many colors going on in her bouquet and centerpieces. Unless you're a pro, stick to your palette, or stick to tried and true color combos. Another good rule of thumb is to have one main color and two accent colors. The amazing textures of leaves and flowers make it really hard for even a monochrome bouquet to be boring, and it will undoubtedly look more sophisticated then a bouquet sporting a rainbow of flowers.

My peonies arrived carefully packaged.  Fifty Flowers customer service kept me updated on their arrival time and how to care for them.

Once I had my flowers and greenery gathered up, I began making my bouquet and my bridesmaid's bouquets.  Our bouquets were the same except that mine was larger.  I also had ready a few buckets with water and flower food* on hand to store the bouquets until we were ready for them.

Remove excess leaves from your flowers and greenery.  This will allow moisture in the plant focusing on the buds and blossoms, not on leaves. You will also need a few inches of bare stem for wrapping your bouquet.

Begin composing your bouquet.  Whenever I arrange flowers, I compose them in my hand first, before I start to trim stems.  Once you have your bouquet or arrangement how you want it, then you can secure the base and trim the stems evenly.

Once I was happy with a bouquet, I secured the stems in place with floral tape* and snipped the stems even at the bottom.

For my bouquet, which was thicker, I secured it with wire* before wrapping it in tape.  Next, starting slightly above the tape so it is not visible, begin wrapping your ribbon around the stems. You can use a pin to hold it in place at the top while you wrap.

Once the tape was completely covered by ribbon*, I secured the ends of the ribbon by making just a small stitch with a needle and thread.

The finished product!  Keep your bouquets in a cool dark place with fresh water (I added flower food to mine) until you are ready to use them.

©2014 Mallory Frazier Photography

I couldn't have been happier with my bouquet.  The peonies from Fifty Flowers lasted so long, I used them to decorate my house and they lived for another whole week.

*Supplies: Wilton Gum Paste Wire and Tape
                30 Quart Cut Flower Food
                May Arts 3/4-Inch Wide Ribbon, Pewter Velvet
               50 Blush Peonies from
                Lamb's Ear from our garden
                Foxtail Fern from our plant

A huge thanks to who provided the peonies for my wedding

Friday, July 25, 2014

Friday Favorites

Today's Friday Favorites come from OneKingsLane

Thursday, July 24, 2014

How to mix furniture styles like a pro

Today I am going to reveal some useful tips on how to mix furniture styles like a pro.  I do not go for matchy matchy - it looks too contrived and does not really let the homeowners personality shine through. Even if a room looks "good" if I can tell every piece is from the same catalog, I'm not really impressed. Everyone prefers a space that looks like it came together overtime but also with style, and that allows the character of the people who live their to shine through. This is easier said then done. Furniture is such an important player in a room, so putting together a meaningful collection of furnishings can be daunting to say the least. Below are some useful tips to successfully mix furniture styles:

An easy place to start might be your walls.  I love the look of traditional furnishings with modern art

Traditional Kitchen by Chicago Kitchen & Bath Designers Rebekah Zaveloff | KitchenLab

Work with the bones of your home.  If your home is a country style abode, work in a few vintage pieces. Make it easy on yourself when you are starting out by choosing styles that pair well together.  Country and Vintage work well.  Victorian, a style that celebrates the ornate, pairs well with French and Asian. Arts and crafts works will with midcentury modern and modern.

Eclectic Living Room by New York Interior Designers & Decorators ABCD Design LLC

Eclectic is undoubtedly a style that lends itself to mixing.  Make it work with surprising details like travel mementos or memorabilia from your past lives. This gives the illusion that every piece has a story behind it or sentimental value.  That way even if the mod couch doesn't have a story behind it, it will look like it does because many other elements in the room do.

Here, a mix of antique style furniture is kept fresh with a modern table lamp and modern art.  Also notice that the furnishings all have a similar visual "weight" to them, which helps keep this space look airy.
via Shelterness

Don't forget your walls.  The abstract painting pairs well with the modern chairs, while the gilt mirror pairs well with the coffee table - but they juxtapose one another.  Creating relationship like this helps the space feel cohesive.

via Lonny

Mix "like" pieces.  By like I mean chairs, or stools, or side tables, etc.  Here two side chairs of very different style really stand out and bring attention to themselves because they are two different styles.

via Pinterest via Elements of Style

Here, the black and gold baroque wallpaper is an unexpected surprise in a room of modern furnishings.
Rue Mag


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