Friday, March 27, 2015

Light Bright Kitchen

Light and bright does not mean you have to do head to toe white! If you are looking for a nice bright kitchen without it being completely whitewashed, here's a little inspiration that can help:

Ilot central, carreaux de ciment, chĂȘne clair, fenĂȘtres arrondies... and so on...

A light natural wood will never steer you wrong! It goes great with the light and airy feel and looks clean too.

Not into wood? A simple gray or tan can keep your kitchen nice and bright and pair's nicely with white accents for a timeless feel.

Guehne-Made - Kansas City | Home Remodeling | Home Styling | Custom Woodworks | Custom Furniture: Home Tour | A 1927 Tudor Mansion

If you are dying for a little color stay on the pale end of things. this light blue is almost white but it's not! Paired with white upper cabinets and a blue back splash make this kitchen feel colorful, light, and airy.

Home | Jillian Harris, light gray cabinet, faux tile wood floors, gray and pink bathroom, pink and grey bathroom

If you have more of an eclectic style you can use a variation of different natural hues that tie together to complete that bright kitchen you desire. 

Industrial warehouse look kitchen with exposed red brick and sunlight with wooden beams. Love the hanging iron pans - adds so much character!
via lushome

If dark hues are more your style, go big on lighting and natural lighting. Nothing is brighter than the sun! 

Wednesday, March 25, 2015

Spring time Outdoor Parties

It's going to be gorgeous tomorrow and all I can think about is hosting our first outdoor party! Big or small, it is always a good time. Here's some inspiration to get your outdoor parties ready:

Are you ready for some outdoor fun?

Tuesday, March 24, 2015

Changing they way we view artwork!

Wall art is one of my must haves when it comes to home decor. Having something that shows a little of your personality in your home really makes it unique. There are so many new ways to incorporate artwork in your home now that you can't even more personal with it!

The Artwork Factory

Change your point of view with circular art. It doesn't need to be in a large expensive frame! Let the artwork do the talking.
The Artwork Factory

Try it with glass! Let it reflect the light and catch someone's eye.

The Artwork Factory

Let it be the center of attention and the coffee table can do all the talking! 

The Artwork Factory

If you decide you want a canvas look, don't settle for less than the best. This high quality printing will blow your mind!

How do you show off art in your home? If you are interested in any of the ones above, make sure you stop by The Artwork Factory and see what they have to offer. 

Friday, March 20, 2015

Gorgeous porch inspiration for spring

First day of spring, and it's been snowing here in Maryland for 6 hours. Hopefully this is the last hurrah for winter. This year, I am determined to have some sort of little container garden on my front porch, so I've been collecting some inspiration.

We don't have space or a roof for a swinging sofa, but how awesome would that be?
via Pinterest via HGTV

via Babble

via BHG

via Pinterest via Gilded Mint

I love more "wild" looking containers.
via Pinterest via Flickr

...but I also like the symmetrical look.

I really like pots cascading down the stairs...just not the green orbs.
via Pinterest via BHG

Thursday, March 19, 2015

Creating a creative work space!

Sometimes a work space isn't work related! Here's a few tips on how to make your work area a little more creative:

Take the time to get it organized! Figure out how you work best, what you need to do that, and where it should go!

Get rid of everything you don't need!! Don't let clutter get your in way.

Be proud of your space. Make it your own. Decorate it so that you when you walk in you are ready to get your day started. 

30 Designers secret tips: Wonderful Home Decoration
via engelta

If messy gets your mind moving, leave it messy! Leave out items you know you are going to get out each day. Make sure they are in easy reach so when that inspiring moment comes it's ready. 

Show off your creations. Let this space show what you can do. 


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